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    with Niall Horan FanFic:)

    "Come on babe...i know u don't wanna be late." Niall said
    "Im coming, im coming...anyways where are we going?" you asked
    "It's a surprise!" he said giggling as he blind folded your eyes and walked you to the car.
    (10 minutes)
    "We're here" he said excitedly
    "Can i look yet?" you say as your pulling the blindfold off
    "No...not yet all most" he says as he pushes the blindfold back down. He helps u out of the car and walks into a building and u smell something that you have smelt before but u can't figure it out.
    "Are you ready?" he said holding onto the blindfold.
    "YES!COME ON IM READY NOW! You yell while our jumping up and down.
    He takes the blindfood off and u see red roses and the ground leading up to a beautiful table just for 2 with lit candles and a open view from the balcony and u look all around and u see u both are all alone. You both walk towards the table and he pulls the seat out for and says "Here you go beautiful."
    "Thank you" you say with a big smile.
    "Babe i love u so much more than u know. I want u with me all my life. Will u marry me?" he says as he gets on one and knee and grabs ur hands u a red velvet box and you open it and see 5 carat ring. "Yes Niall!!!!" you as u tackle him.
    "I love u babe!!" he said giggling
    "Love u too!" u as u kiss him on his lips(:
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    I love you stories there so amazing!!!(: can you come and look at my short imagines? (:
    ♡ One Direction Imagine's ♡
    ♡ One Direction...
    if you want one don't comment here on this movella comment on my only other one its part two of this because i felt like this one is filled with as much as it can. thank you cutie. love you.
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    Niall has been on tour for what it felt like forever but he was finally coming back. Niall was finally coming back so you waited at his house so you can surprise him. You drove up to his house and txting him to ask when he coming home. You got to his house and you unlock the door and walk in. You were a little curious so you started to look around first to the fridge then to the music studio, but you got more curious so you grabbed a sandwich to eat and headed upstairs. You opened the door and saw Niall standing there with 2 dozen roses.
    "Oh my gosh!!! Niall you said you were coming later!!" you screamed
    "I know I got here a little early." he said putting the roses on the bed.
    "Niall I missed you so much!!!"
    You yelled jumping into his arms
    "I missed you too- ohh yum you made me a sandwich." Niall said taking the sandwich out of you hand.
    "Hey that's mine!" you say as you snatch the sandwich out of your hand.
    Niall takes the sandwich and throws it on the ground and he grabs your hops and lifts you on his hips and starts kissing you bright pink lips. He moves the roses off the bed and lays you on it. He takes off his shirt and get on top of you and starts kissing you again. You smile and start to giggle. He grabs your face and smiles while he still kisses your lips.
    "Your the one for me, I want to be with you forever and always. So (y/n) will you marry me." Niall says as he pulls a red velvet box out of his bedside table.
    You cover your my and having no words coming Your eyes start to tear up.
    "So I'll take that as a yes?" Niall asks you with a smile. All you do is nod your head saying yes.
    Niall grabs your hand and slides the diamond ring onto your finger. You smile and kiss him.
    "I love you babe, not what, if I'm on tour or anything, I will always love you and be there for you. If I'm half way across the globe, I will be her whenever you need me. I love you (y/n)!"
    You cry and say "aw I love you too." holding Niall close you kiss him on the lips. You lay I'm his arms, you can fill his muscles behind your neck, you can feel/hear his heart beat and all you can think of is that you are the luckiess girl in the world. You lay there loving ever minute.
    "I love you Niall!" you say as he holds you close.
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