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  • kayabieber
    3 years agoReply
    Sorry guys, it wont let me change it to red. I guess I will stop posting chapters because its just not fair for the people who dont like to read it
    Fifty shades of Justin
    Fifty shades of...
    What happens when the world's biggest popstar meets the girl that wil change his life forever? Will the sex, the partying or the fame ruin everything. How far will he go to keep her, before its to late?....? Credits:...
    3 years ago
    Or put warning this book is dirty haha
    2 years ago
    Its the Best f*cking storry ever!!!! Dont give up on it because people hate❤️❤️
     Dani - B.C.D
    1 years ago
    Well, it's not because people hate, it's just because the policy, that it can't be continued unless the rating is correct. Maybe you could try copying the book into word or something then deleting the book then pasteing the book back and then you can keep your story and make the appropriate rating?
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