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I really like writing, reading, acting, music, all that lovely creative stuff and I'm hoping you enjoy my writing and that we can be friends!

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  • Katy Erin
    2 weeks agoReply
    This is really good! Maybe you could use a little more description and sort of balance out the description and speech but it's a really good story so far and it's really captivating! Well done :) X
    I am Elliɘ
    I am Elliɘ
    I relized very early on that I was not smart. I had to study very hard to get a mediocre grade. I Needed a tutor in 10th grade which was embarrassing. I can't even read. I am Ellie. Ellie the dumbie...
    2 weeks ago
    Thanks. I will work on adding more description in the next chapter.
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