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I really like writing, reading, acting, music, all that lovely creative stuff and I'm hoping you enjoy my writing and that we can be friends!

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  • Luke J.R
    2 days agoReply
    @[Katy Erin] Welcome to the new Movella: AWAKEN.
    If you enjoyed: THE DESCENT. I can promise that you will enjoy this just as much.
    You may notice some similarities but trust me, don't be fooled.

    - Luke J.R
    1884. That Year has so much in common with my faults. I’ve seen the same face fall Fifty Feet Under. I’ve watched my own drink fall into an abyss below me. I’ve always known my soul purpose and my daughter...
    Luke J.R
    1 days ago
    @[Katy Erin] CH. 2 is now here! Hope you enjoy this one too!
  • Lavern2002

    mumbled "Pep Talk"

    2 days agoReply
    Sometimes, we all need a pep talk. This is probably going to be the crappiest pep talk you have ever heard, but we are going to go with it.
    You are amazing. I hear you objections, but you know what? I came prepared. I am going to give you a test. You have two answers: yes and no. You may only use each answer once. Are you ready?
    1. Are you amazing?
    2. Are you lying?
    See? I told you. Yeah, you've lied a couple times, and you have been a horrible person, but you are amazing. You make somebody's eyes light up. "To the world you may just be someone, but to someone you may just be the world." I don't care how freaking short you are, you are the biggest part of someone's life. Maybe, you haven't met that someone yet, but they are out there. You are soul mates, and you will know it because when you meet them, it will be like meeting an old friend, getting to know someone lost in your heart.
    Great, I've made another cheesy pep talk, that could apply to any of the 204 followers that I have or any insecure teen on the word, but what if it isn't?
    @[Mirlotta], you have the best grammar of any movellian, on this site, besides me of course, and you can draw the world.
    @[Sam H-B], one day your songs are going to change the world, and I get to say I helped you do it.
    @[Yellowsocks], you are going to make the whole world dance and sing all while laughing their heads off together.
    @[Sinking_Ships], I know you haven't been on in a year, but you were my first inspiration.
    @[Mercury Chap ], you don't know me very well, but you are honest and you are going to write a story that will rock everyone's world.
    @[Lexi Wordsmith], I've never met anyone so inspiring, someone who fills my heart and makes my fingers feel like lighting when I talk to you.
    @[♥XC Diva♥], you are the most thankful person ever. You write with so much emotion, and you make everyone feel wanted.
    @[Katy Erin], I am about 95% sure one of your stories is going to get published, and I am going to make my kids read every word. You've improved so much since the beginning, and I don't know what level of awesomeness you are going to conquer next.
    @[Luke J.R], you introduced me to a new kind of writing - one that winds around my head, and refuses to come out. You are persistent, and you appreciate what has been given to you.
    @[C.H. Potter ], Your covers are breathtaking, and your writing is more amazing than that somehow. One day, everyone is going to know your name
    I couldn't get to everyone that I admire or even close, so that is why I am going this. I challenge you, yes YOU to mumble a pep talk that addresses at least 5 people individually, you must also tag 5 people to do a pep talk. Let's make movellas full of, well, pep!
    @[Sapphire Myrinia ]
    @[Hermione Occult Wordsmith]
    @[Sam H-B]
    @[Ivy Wordsmith]
    Good luck!
    2 days ago
    I guess my goal is to make the whole world smile.
    One person at a time.
    I smile, you smile, and then I smile again.
    It is the most amazing vicious cycle
    Sam H-B
    2 days ago
    I would do my pep talk but I don't know people well enough to do the individual addressing
    Mercury Chap
    22 hours ago
    Oh my, thank you so much! :D I didn't expect this remark from anyone. I feel so good. Thank you! And even if we don't know each other well we sure can get to know each other. :) Thank you!! ^.^
  • Lavern2002

    mumbled "Eminence "

    2 weeks agoReply
    Eminence (n) - 1. high station, rank, or repute
    2. An amazing book by @[Katy Erin] about what happens when you fall in love with someone higher than yourself, someone royal.

    I don't usually promote people's movellas, but if you're looking for something to read, I really suggest Eminence. Here's a link!
    EminenceI've always considered myself to be enough, I've never had the worry of not being good enough and I've never been insecure about my place in the world....
    Katy Erin
    2 weeks ago
    Thank you very much! :) x
  • Katy Erin

    mumbled "Eminence"

    2 weeks agoReply
    Hi guys! I've recently published a new movella called Eminence and it'd be so great if you guys could check it out I'd be very grateful! If you've got anything you want me to read, let me know :) xx
    2 weeks ago
    Sure! I'll check it out, and give some CC, if that's okay. :-)
    Katy Erin
    2 weeks ago
    Yes please, thank you very much! :)
  • Lavern2002
    2 weeks agoReply
    @[Katy Erin]
    :-) read the last couple paragraphs
    Lavern's Forgotten Story
    Lavern's Forgotten...
    My (second) entry for the dear diary competition. I will update every day! Hear about my life, kinda creepily, and if you have any advice, give it!
    2 weeks ago
    you're too kind!
    Katy Erin
    2 weeks ago
    Thank you very much!
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