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I really like writing, reading, acting, music, all that lovely creative stuff and I'm hoping you enjoy my writing and that we can be friends!

If you are slightly interested in my life and interests whatsoever, you can...

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Movellas (23)

  • Monster


    12 Apr 14

    I just wanted to settle. I didn't want to find out about the monsters, I didn't want to find out about Gray or Ahna or that...    Read more

  • Moving On.

    Moving On.

    15 Dec 13

    Sequel to my movella I Refuse. Hayley is born and everybody is healthy and happy and nothing could possibly go wrong....    Read more

  • Handbook


    11 Apr 14

    This is basically a movella full of a lot of things. Some chapters will have quotes with my interpretation of them, some...    Read more

  • Bright


    8 Aug 13

    My name's Alice. Everything was okay but then my own cells turned against me and threatened to kill me at fifteen years old....    Read more

  • Why not us?

    Why not us?

    2 Mar 13

    A story of how four friends spend their summer apart.    Read more

  • Katy Erin

    You guys are so sweet!

    I know there are people on here that have thousands and thousands of fans, but I'm so happy that I have 202 :) I was reading through some of the comments that were left on my movella It's Kind of a Coincidence and you guys say some really beautiful things! Thank you for that. How are you all by the way? :) x
  • Katy Erin


    As a few of you may know, I used to have a movella called 'Life' just with a load of rants and advice and things like that. I've deleted it now and made a new one called 'Handbook'. Just because Life wasn't really going where I wanted it to so I have made a new one so whether you used to read Life or not, I'd really love for you to go and check that out! :)
    Thank you!
    Katy x
  • Katy Erin

    Being social

    If any of you guys have twitter or instagram, let me know your names and I'll follow you and we can be friends :) My twitter and instagram names are both @kadycan :)
    Hey Katy can we be friends in Movellas
    Katy Erin
    Of course :)
    Im taycheyenne_ on insta :)
    Katy Erin
    Yaaay I'll follow you :)
  • Katy Erin

    200! :)

    Thank you for 200 guys x
  • Katy Erin


    Hey guys :) I'm one away from 200 fans! Thank youuu! Just wanted to say hello to the new comers, thanks for becoming a fan! How are you all? I like to know how you all are and what you've been up to in the least creepy way haha, so do let me know, it's fun having conversations with you :) Plus, if you haven't already guys, I'd really appreciate it if you could check out my movella 'Bright'. It's an extension/adaptation of my first ever movella 'Burn Short But Bright' but it's written a lot better in my opinion and a lot of the plot has changed. I'm pretty proud of it, so it'd be great if you guys could read it and give some feedback!
    Thank you :)
    Katy x
    Congratulations! You deserve 200 fans. :)
    Katy Erin
    Thank you! :)
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