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I really like writing, reading, acting, music, all that lovely creative stuff and I'm hoping you enjoy my writing and that we can be friends!

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  • The Movellas Journalist ✔

    mumbled "Editor Contest!"

    I need editors! Okay, you have a choice.
    If you want to be a MOVELLIST editor, the requirements are:
    Good Grammar
    Interesting ideas
    To become an editor for MOVELLIST, write a mock article on a theory about one of your favorite books and post your article in the comments.

    If you want to be a THE MOVELLIAN A-LIST editor, the requirements are:
    A Good Sense of humor
    Light heartedness
    To become and editor for TMAL, write a mock article of a review of the movella of your choice, make it short and snappy but keep it interesting.
    There can be up to two winners for each section.
    @[Katy Erin]
    @[Lia is a cookie]
  • Love2write
    5 days agoReply
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    Best Movella: Rich by @[Katy Erin]
    Best movellian: @[Luke J.R]
    I might nominate for the other categories another time, maybe :)
    The 2k14 BMA's
    The 2k14 BMA's
    Do you have a favourite Movella/Movellian that you wished got recognised for their work? Well threat no more! This is the 2014 Best of Movellas Awards! Here we recognise your favourite author and book...
    4 days ago
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    You're welcome @[LaLaLarsson] x :)
    Katy Erin
    4 days ago
    Thank you so much :) x
    4 days ago
    No problem x :)
  • Katy Erin

    mumbled "Rich."

    5 days agoReply
    Hey guys! To anybody who is reading my newest movella 'Rich', I will be updating soon. My almost 2 year old nephew is here to stay for the week and it's pretty hard to sit down with him around let alone right a new chapter! I've hidden in my room for now though and I'm writing a new chapter at the moment! And for any of you who haven't read it, I'd be so grateful if you gave it a quick read (or just read the first chapter!) and let me know in the comments what you think of it :) I don't mind reading a movella of yours in return!
    Thank you
    Katy :) x
    Katy Erin
    5 days ago
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    write* haha

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