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  • Katniss Nightlock Mellark
    You spelt a few words wrong and you really changed Bellatrix's character which I found quite annoying because in the books she is evil and mad and you put her as a caring, happy mum which is very unlikely. Maybe try rereading the books which really describe her character so you can understand her more.
    Two Different
    Two Different
    What is she going to do? How will he react when he finds out? Is there more than they think to their story? Read to find out more! By the way, I switched the point of view thing, I might do that more...
    Sugar Arellano
    4 years ago
    um actually that's supposed to be revealed later on with my idea, so I know that you are annoyed, I get the same feeling all the time. however I do appreciate you reading this and letting me know your discomfort about it. part of her being normal for right now has something to do with voldemort, but I am not going into details about it.
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