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My name is Katherine Marie, I am 15, 16 in June of next year. I love One Direction and their music. I also love to sing, draw, and hang out with my sister and my best friend, Brittany. I love my life, family, and I love going to school everyday. :)

  • Until the End of Time
    Until the End of...
    by katmar6
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    mumbled "Who would I pick from one direction to meet and date?"

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    Okay, so somebody asked me, "If you could pick only one person from one direction to meet and have a date with, who would it be?" And this is my answer:
    If I could meet and have a date with one member of one direction, I would pick Louis because I think i'll have a few laughs with him. He seems really romantic, and I think that I would have lots of fun. I love Louis, he's amazing, smart, funny, charming, and all sorts of things. Louis is the kind of guy I would love to be with. I think that Louis has done a lot for me in my life. He's made me laugh when I was down, he's made me very interested in life and how it's worth living. He's also taught me many things like, No matter how old you are, it's okay to at least be a little immature. Another thing he taught me is, Dress the way YOU want to, and also, don't care about what others think of you. Louis is an amazing guy, and I think he would be the first of one direction I would like to meet/date (no hate), he just seems like a really awesome, fun, wonderful guy to hang out with. So, if I could choose only one boy from One Direction to meet/date, I would choose Louis Tomlinson.
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    mumbled "Hello!"

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    Hello! I'm Katherine Marie, i'm 15 and i'm a huge directioner ^_^ I would love to say that this is my first blog that i've ever made and i'm glad that it's on here. I have written one fanfiction called: Until the End of Time. I hoping a lot of people will read my blog and have a fun journey with me and my life! If anybody would like to show me the ropes around blogging, that would be amazayn. Make sure to follow me on Tumblr! :)
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