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Hi! My name is Katie, and I LOVE to write fanfiction! I have six Movellas at the moment: 'Blossom', 'Bloom', 'Furry Little Problem', and three stories from the 'Disabled Series'. I will be publishing parts of these stories and series, so watch out for any other new Movellas! If you like my movellas, Like, Favorite, or even Follow! Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! HP 4 LIFE!!! <3

Merry Christmas

by , Sunday December 25, 2016

To My Readers,

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  • dream*on

    mumbled "Boys......"

    1 months agoReply
    Why is it that boys can be so stupid and oblivious when it comes to having a crush or just talking??
    Dumbledores Daughter🤗😜
    I honestly dont know. One thing thaws even worse is that i have the same crush as three of besties but the boy is totally blind when we talk to Jim endlessly or use him as a go to.
    Dumbledores Daughter🤗😜
    1 months ago
    I really have no idea.... I'll tell you something that happened to me today with a guy friend.....so my friend and I were just having a regular conversation and then my other guy friend was like "Oh I totally ship you guys" and he made a heart with his hand, after that he was like "Dude just ask her out already.." then the friend I was talking to earlier before we got rudely interrupted said..."Nah dude." Then I was like 'hello am I invisible or something I can hear the whole conversation.' I actually didn't say that but yeah....that was really awkward....like i know my friend likes me but I guess he doesn't want to ask me out cause he'll feel like I will reject him or something like that....like you said boys can be very stupid...
  • dream*on
    4 months agoReply
    I nominate the Harry Potter fandom
    3 months ago
    I like HP more then you do. Actually I like the death eaters and anyone related to Bellatrix lestrange. Not so much the character harry potter. Sorry bro but harry and doby are the only ones who should have died.
    1 months ago
    @Mrs.Lovett, I don't want to make any conflicts arise on this website. Saying that someone likes one fandom more than the other on a fanfiction/fiction/non fiction website is like telling someone that you like air more than they do. It can create bad tensions, and I'm trying to avoid that on my page. I won't make any conflicts on your preferences, though, as long as you don't make any about mine. Also, please don't call me bro. Just a preference. Thank you for commenting on my comment, but please don't comment anything that might be considered rude to someone else. Thanks! ~Katie
  • dream*on
    6 months agoReply
    This is great! I love it and it'd be even better if you updated it. Thanks,
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  • dream*on
    7 months agoReply
    This is an amazing story and I would love for you to finish it! It would just make my day. Please update!!!
    ~Katie B.
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  • dream*on
    11 months agoReply
    This is one of my fav movellas! Keep it up! Love it!
    Katie B
    author of 'Blossom'
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