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Jesus is my BAE (before all else...not poop)
Hi I'm Kat and I'm sort of an interesting person I guess. I can be the biggest extrovert you've ever met one second, and then not want to speak to humans the rest of my life the next. I play violin, and love to sing and draw. (Though I'm not good at singing I'm decent at writing songs) If you plan to stick around-Welcome to my internet family! If you don't.....well than thanks for stoping by.

And yes. My profile picture is me (I say this because people don't stop asking)

  • RealisticallyAbstract

    mumbled "Everything Hurts"

    I'm drowning, and the only thing keeping me afloat is gone.
    2 months ago
    how's it going @[RealisticallyAbstract ]
    In my life?
    Well to put it simply,
    My best friend is dating that ex who cheated on me
    And two months ago this other guy dumped me out of nowhere because I "wasn't good enough" I guess
    All of my "friends" hate me
    And I'm barely holding on.

    What about you? xD
    2 months ago
    yeah pretty good some person turned me to the dark side it was jacksepticeye
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