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    It was autumn. The leaves were falling gracefully onto the green grass, the sun was slightly behind the clouds and there was a gentle breeze ever so often. I was on a wooden bench in Battery Park. I had my favorite blue jean jacket, with a spaghetti strapped white tank, I had my pre-ripped grey skinny jeans, with my brown combat boots and of course my charm bracket. My mom have me it when I was 14, it's been in our family for almost 5 generations! It silver chained with several different charms. One which has my families’ last name carved on it. I was reading my book from the public library When I was reading my book there was a young man...he had a black hoodie on. You could see his blond hair peak out if his hood but you couldn't really see his face. He say down on the other side of the bench. He was on his phone...it looked like he was searching for directions to somewhere. And right when was typing in a search command. His phone died, he fade a frustrated
    he put his phone back in his left pocket. I looked away as casual as possible but I think he knew I was watching but he didn't care. I saw him out the corner of my turning slightly towards me.
    "Excuse me, Do u know there the closest subway station is?"
    There was a sudden pause when he cleared his throat. He had an accent I think too! When I was about to answer...looking down at his feet I looked up to see an innocent face with bluish green eyes, bright golden hair.
    "Umm down 4th street there's a sidewalk half way there should be a side road there is supposed to be a subway in the opposite side...Its about 2 blocks away"
    There was a moment of silence when we stared into each other’s eyes. It seemed like it lasted for hours but it was really only a couple.
    I replied He got up half way but sat back down to ask me, "What's your name?"
    "Skai, like the sky up there..."
    "Haha...That's a beautiful name"
    "I'm Niall but please don't make a big deal I don't want too much attention,"
    "No problem"
    "Where yeah from?"
    "Dallas Texas." I responded with a slight whisper.
    "Whatcha doing here in the Big Apple then?"
    “I want to start some sort of art Career. I’m not sure what kind of art but...art"
    "How about music?"
    "OH NO!!! I don't play any instrument."
    "Why not?"
    "Well, I play a little bit of guitar but yeah."
    He asked if he could have my number. I froze.
    "Are u okay skai?
    " I heard my name and snapped out if it
    "Oh yeah sorry I spaced what did u say?"
    "Haha its fine...can I get your number? I could tech you some guitar."
    I froze, I couldn't believe what I heard. "Skai?" I heard my name and snapped out of it.
    "Oh sorry I spaced."
    "Ha-ha its ok" he said reassuringly. I reached over slowly when he grabbed into my bag with all my books. I pulled out a blue pen. I asked if he had any paper.
    "No paper. Here write it on my arm."
    I reached for his wrist. It was soft and warm. After writing my number, I put my pen in my bag. "
    Damn! your hands are u cold?" "Yeah I'm just a little cold...Why?"
    "Your hands are super cold! Here can I see your hands?"
    "Uhhhh sure" I started to reach over slowly when he quickly grabbed both my wrists and slid his warm hands down to meet up with my hands. "Is that better?"
    "A little" I said with small confidence.
    "Here" he said softly He took off his hoodie and slid it over my shoulders like a cape. He pulled out fingerless gloves out of his pockets and slid them on my hands. And pulled over the hood over my head. And used his pinkie finger to brush my hair out of my eyes. I felt goose bumps crawling all over my back.
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