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    Name: Kate Lewis
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Faction born into: Candor
    Faction I think I will choose before test: Dauntless
    Appearance: tall (5,7), shoulder-length dark blonde/very light brown hair, good figure, blue eyes, long nails
    Characteristics: imaginative, spunky, like to sing, pretty good fighter, hates cheese and dancing
    Friends: Zoe, Maddy, Kaci, Madeleine, Becky, Sami and Rio (sister's ex boyfriend)
    Favourite things: drawing (doodling, sketching, painting included), singing, writing, reading, friends
    Background info: has four sisters, four brothers, recently wanted to transfer to Abnegation but changed my mind, often fights with other Candor (one of the reasons for going to Dauntless)
    Family: Dad, Step-Mum, older sister Harriet, younger sisters Nancy Layla and Polly, older brothers William and Kian, younger brothers Ethan and Eric.
    Hobbies: singing, writing, sketching, karate, kickboxing, sprinting
    Best Trait: always tells things how they are - no sugar-coating!
    Favourite colour: light blue

    Set One:
    - sword
    - give up seat and stand
    - sacrifice myself
    - both
    - outsmart them
    - participate
    - help (if I wasn't the one that hurt them)

    Set Two:
    - murder
    - trick them back
    - find a way into the tree
    - continue
    - realize it's poison
    - get involved
    Aptitude Tests
    Aptitude Tests
    Have you ever wondered what your aptitude test would have been like? Not just the result of your test, but also what would have happened in the testing room? Well look no further, I've created this Movella...
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