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I like to be myself, and stand out from the crowd.
My biggest ambition is to be a writer. I've always loved it. I adore letting my imagination loose and seeing what I can come up with. It's what I really enjoy and I hope one day I can achieve my dream.

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Thanks & stay in tune ★

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    If your reading this, i thank you for doing so. As yet, I havent published any stories on here, as i can't actually think of anthing. I have ideas that sort of flow here and there, but i want a tory thats more than a few ideas. I want it to capture peoples hearts and peoples imagination. I want people to really identify with the characters and attatch to them. Feel free to 'fan' me, it would be greatly appreciated. I will have some movellas up shortly. Until then, i leave you. Thanks for reading and see you shortly.
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