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I'm Kat :) who loves cats and travels the world whilst teaching.

I enjoy writing and reading of all genres.

Please check out my travel blog-https://tabathastravelssite.wordpress.com/

Please feel free to check out my work.

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Tabathas Travels

by , Wednesday October 11, 2017
 Tabathas Travels


Hello everyone! My name is Tabatha and I am one cute kitty that travels the world with my crazy owner (Kat) who just picks me up, packs me in her rucksack and off we go for many amazing adventures!

So far we have travelled to Australia, New Zealand, UAE, America and Europe. We are currently in China for 12 months and I cannot wait to tell you all about my time here but first let me tell you all how our story started:

I was sitting in a shop window in a seaside town called Hornsea on the east coast of England (UK) lying in my kitty basket hoping someone would give me a loving home. Little did I know one cold and rainy day a little girl would fall in love with me 😀 That little girl was Kat and it was the start of a whole new life for me. I went home with her 26 years ago and my life has never been the same again.

First of all she took me to all her friends sleepovers, then on lots of school trips and then boyfriends houses (blah!). But then she took me to university in a city called Manchester…where everybody loved me!

Then 12 months in Australia…where everybody loved me!

Then New Zealand… where everybody loved me!

America, UAE, Europe…

I hope you all love me too

Your travel blogging kitty Tabatha xxx




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  • Kat D

    Hello everyone!

    3 months agoReply
    Hello everyone. I have reently got back onto the 'Movellas' website. Please check out 'Tabathas Travels' which documents mine (and my travel cats!) travels throughout the world. We are currently spending 12 months in China. Please read about our travels as told through the eyes of Tabatha :)
  • Kat D

    Tabathas Travels

    3 months agoReply
    Hello everyone! Please check out my travel blog 'Tabathas Travels'. Myself and my lovely cat Tabatha have been travelling the world and are currently in China from 12 months :) so please check out our travels as told through the eyes of Tabatha.
  • Kat D
    4 years agoReply
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    Excellent work :) very talented young lady x
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    Aww thank you :') x
  • Kat D

    Poems :)

    5 years agoReply
    Hello all :)

    Please feel free to check out my poetry on my page. I also model :D

    I am more than happy to leave feedback for any of your work.

    Love Kat xx

    5 years ago
    Will be sure to look at your poems :) x
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