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"I am on the edge right now. I wish that I could say I'm proud. I'm sorry that I let you down. I'm hearing voices in my head their loud I wish that i could drown them out." -let you down NFL

I am a survivor. I feel numb. My heart is missing pieces that can never be found. Still I am trying to live life the best I can. The only place I feel like I belong is here with you guys. All of you are amazing and I'm so glad to have met someone up here that I love.

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  • Kasythesurvivor

    mumbled "Hey cubbies"

    Officially a tenth grader. I'll be busy tomorrow having a cook out to celebrate my brothers graduation......wish me luck. Kind of going to the rough side of my family. My biological mom and her wife. It's going to be interesting. Anyway, I'll be leaving around 12 ish tomorrow morning and I don't know when I will be back. Just a heads up.
    FA Nathaniel Miller USN
    ooooh a sopomore... LOL i remember that day... 25 years ago for me... WOW brings back a few memories... HS... ugh.... All the political drivel they push on to you... Changing classes... but there were FUN ones tho in school... My best was Wood Shop... Computer Class (being a computer major way before that) and Literature (Writing)... I loved history too... a few good teachers too i learned alot in those areas.
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