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  • KassieD
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    I like it. The money thing is odd though. Whats up with that? Update please!
    A Beautiful Beast -Harry Styles-
    A Beautiful Beast...
    A beast is what they call him. A beast is all he's known for.  He's been the beast ever since the accident.  He doesn't talk to anyone without losing his temper.  The only way to break this...
  • KassieD
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    Did you ever make that Wattpad account? And edit the story up? Because I would love to go out and read it if you had. I extremely loved you book. What I find odd is how the hel* did he end up in a woman's prison? Somewhere in the story it said that he was there but before hand it said it was a joined prison. I was just a little confused on that whole situation there. ut other than that very interesting great job. Love to read others you may have.
    Penlope Green
    9 months ago
    Hey KassieD, Yeah, I've made a Wattpad, but I'm still editing. It's still quite a long way from being finished.

    Here's the link to my Wattpad wattpad.com/user/penlopegreensauce or you can find me there at @penlopegreensauce I don't have any books there yet but when this edit is finished you'll be the first to know!

    Thanks for pointing out about the women's prison, Because I wrote it I miss those mistakes and assume everyone knows everything that Benny, Clara and I do.

    Thanks so much for writing to me, It inspires me to write more. I'm glad you enjoyed Locked up with the Badboy it makes all the hard work pay off.

    :) - Penlope

    P.S: I'll get more into it in the edit but the reason he's in a woman's prison is because the cops (who he gave O'vo's information to) wanted to hide him somewhere secure that the gang wouldn't expect. The reason they ended up n a cell together is because prisons were being overstocked due to all the people being caught on the east coast.

    9 months ago
    Thank you for getting back to me on the girl prison thing. I really appreciate it. I love the book all together. You did a great job. I would love to read others.
  • KassieD
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    Update needed.
    Skinny Love
    Skinny Love
    After being bullied for years about her weight, fourteen year old Madison Drew develops anorexia. A dangerous disease, anorexia could be the death of Madison unless she receives help. Fast. And then...
  • KassieD

    mumbled "School"

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    I really wish that my school wasn't so crappy. This site works and all but after reading how ever many chapters in a book it just completely stops working saying that its blocked. Like for real I was literally just reading and now its blocked. UG!!!!
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