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Hello Fellow Humans.

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    Hello everyone^^
    If you happen to actually be reading any of my books, i update really slow so sorry.
    I promise I'm active, it's just that it takes me 4ever to update D:
    Sorry >.>
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    You guys should all go play Kira online. It;s a game like Mafia but it's online so ppl cant cheat. Unless they hack and that's fucking lame. Why hack? But if any1 decides to actually play, tell me ur username, and i can try look for you :)
    if anyone is wondering, my username is KARMA, obviously. The game is awesome but if you decide you don't like it, it's okay.
    Here's official Kira Online link: https://apps.gamekini.com/kira
    You can also play Kira Online at Kongregate and Armor games. Play on funmily for the chinese server which has more roles and more upgrades.
    Link to chinese server: http://apps.funmily.com/kira?action=Laun..
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