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A quick biography
What do you go by? Sei, please!
How old are you? This is a secret! cx
What is your gender? I am male <3
What is your preference? Queer/Pansexual! I share love with anyone that shares it with me!
Are you seeing anyone? Yes! For almost two years :D
What kinds of novels do you write? Romance, Action/Adventure, Realistic Fiction, Sci-Fi, Bromance, things of this nature!
What inspired you to write? Well, I have been since I was only nine years old! What got me to be serious was an experience in secondary with David Levithan! He is a good man.
What books do you read? Similar to the books I write, haha <3 but I also love reading manga (yes, I am a yaoi and shounen ai reader!)
What do you do for a living? I am a journalist, but also write many things! //I am new to this website, so it will take me a while to post things here, of course! I also like to draw comics and draft scripts! I am also an activist for LGBT rights! <3
Anything else? Hello, you! I am always open for questions and messages! You can ask and say anything! You want a collab? Business Mail:

Read more at|| Boys love manga artist|| Novelist|| Gay~||Sigh.. || Transman||Follow me on Wattpad: @SvenSyo|| Snapchat: kare-kun || Pinterest : Matsu❤||Google+: Sei Suni || Business email:|| Hangouts me also if you want ❤|| Evernote: Mr. Syoko #SevenVeis #D'Ablo#Tsurette❤Madoka❤Kazuo

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    You're welcome ^o^
    Fallen Stars
    Fallen Stars
    Deka Rivere lived a very normal life. That is until he is hit by a falling star. What will he do now that he is sharing his home with a star? Thank you Kare-Kun for helping me write this offline!
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    mumbled "Transphobia"

    I don't like that people hate what they're afraid to understand...It has nothing to do with you. わたし嫌いこの痛み。。。
    2 years ago
    Sei Suni Syoko
    1 years ago
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    Get out Lukas you're an ass :c
    Ayden just entered the world of the supernatural by becoming a new vampire and had great expectations as to what it holds. However, the appearance of the one person he hoped never to see again is making...
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