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  • Kandylovesyou12
    Really good, but learn proper grammar. PLEASE
    Just A Girl
    Just A Girl
    Niall Horan is the Popular guy from his new School in america , he is really cool and date with hot girls but one day he meets Tina the classic emo girl from the school, tina hates guys like Niall and...
  • Kandylovesyou12
    Is there a first book?
    Hazza Strikes Again (TB1D Sequel)
    Hazza Strikes Agai...
    I could feel her, feel the fear, raditating from her body... And I liked it. It reminded me of Kate. But this is Kate. Kate, the one I love to love. The one I love to hurt.
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    yes its called 'taken by one direction'
  • Kandylovesyou12
    It's ok, you make things way to predictable and anytime I ever fell in love that fast he either cheated or beat me so next time let them spend some time together before you make them fall in love, also use more detail.
    Isn't she lovely
    Isn't she lovely
    Isabell runs away from her dad and doesnt know where to go. She finally realises about a place she hadnt been for years. when she gets there she hears someone coming. Was it her dad, coming to get her?...
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