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At thirteen years young, I am more of a critic than a writer myself. I do have one work in progress but pardon me If it is absolutely terrible.

Ghetto heart <3

  • Kandy1160
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    It's a really good book, but why does her name keep changing between Cassidy and Brittany?
    Close As Strangers | A Calum Hood Story
    Close As Strangers...
    When he goes on tour will they be able to withhold the relationship or will the fame be too much for her and calum? © Malumfxxls 2014
    3 years ago
    3 years ago
    I'm really sorry for that I'll fix it. I'm reading another fanfic and the characters name is stuck in my head.
  • Kandy1160
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    I'm sorry to be the one pressuring you to write more, but I love this so much so far, and you're obviously an incredibly talented writer, so I cannot wait until another part of this is available for my viewing. (OMFG I JUST SOUNDED LIKE AN OL LD PERSON. THATS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. BUT SERIOUSLY? YOURE FREAKIN AMAZING AT THIS)
    Saving Harry Styles (13+)
    Saving Harry Style...
    When Riley Clarke saves a mysterious boy on her way home from a party, she never could have imagined the fame or attention she would suddenly receive. But she didn't save just any ordinary boy... She...
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    My name is Kennedy!
    Shadownight Family: Kennedy's room
    Shadownight Family...
    My room and what crazy stuff happens in it! Role play by the Shadownight family! If you like this, go check out the rest of the Shadownights rooms, and you'll know everything there is to know about our...
    Kennedy Shadownight
    Yeah, once I saw this sign where they were making name tags and one of exapmles was Kennedie, and I was like what! I almost bought it as a joke, but I didn't have enough money!
    3 years ago
    And nobody ever has those cute little keychain a with Kennedy on it. I went to an amusement park and found Bianca, but not Kenneey. How is that possible?
    Kennedy Shadownight
    I have no clue. But I've always wanted one!
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    Oh Please!!!!! I NEED AN UPDATE.
    One and then Two
    One and then Two
    An eight year old girl got wings. Now she's fifteen, flying at night for the thrill of it and convinced there's another like her doing the same. On her quest to find them, she must be careful not to reveal...
    4 years ago
    coming right up :)

    writing tonight :P
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