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  • Kamran M Draeger
    Love the honesty in your synopsis :D
    The Train Station
    The Train Station
    I'm not sure what this is about, but I thought I'd write it anyway! :) Tell me what you think!
    Rob Marvin
    6 years ago
    Haha, I always think that's the best policy! :)
  • Kamran M Draeger
    I'm not sure if you know the moth story telling society, but this had me equally gripped to read on.
    A Free Man
    A Free Man
    A boy reflects on how love has shaped his life as the person he is today.
  • Kamran M Draeger
    Did you know? A recent study shows that Facebook and other social media can be just as addictive as certain drugs :D I like the the way you portray social media and how it's creating new cultures for generations to come
    Dear the good people of Movella
    Dear the good peop...
    These are my thoughts, I know you didn’t ask for them, probably don’t want them, have more interesting and better articulated thoughts of your own but in case anyone IS interested, these are my thoughts....
    6 years ago
    Yeah I read that somewhere, it is really quite scary - just the shear power of the things!!
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