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  • Kali Underwood
    Omg the last update wait was so long but every day I checked to see if you updated but you didn't. Eventually I stopped looking �� but one day when I was about to delete the series off my wall of books I've been reading I decided to look and when I did I was so happy I read it all in one day!pls keep updating me Malik 3! I've been with you since book 1 ��������✋��✊�� and you are an amazayne (��) writer pls pls pls keep writing and make this trilogy a series! Thank you for updating! Thankyou thank you thank you ! Ily ! ������
    Mr.Malik 3 +16
    Mr.Malik 3 +16
    "Not even the gods above .. Can separate the two of Us .. Nothing can come between You & I " The Ending You'll Never Forget ..♥
    2 years ago
    Thankyou . I haven't given up I've just been busy ��
  • Kali Underwood
    �� oh my fuck ���� omfg I can't ✋����........���������� this bitch gonna get her fucking ass beat ���� you go Alexandra! For Alexandra Q-what will you regret if you do it what will happen to alyx and zayn what will happen to Perrie will she die ?�� | for perrie -Q WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO FUCK THINGS UP NOBODY LIKES YOU LEAVE ZAYN THE FUCK ALONE BITCH PLEASE YOU ARE SOME PETTY ASS BITCH THAT CANT LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE LIKE ZAYNE HATES YOU AND DOEANT LOVE YOU PLEASE LET THE GUN SHOT KILL YOU FUCKED UP ONCE
    COME AGAIN BITCH YOUR COLD AS ICE ( that means she's dead)
  • Kali Underwood
    Happy little pill styles au - did you get the title off of a song made by a you tuber named troye Sivan ?��
    Happy Little Pill ▲ Styles a.u
    Happy Little Pill...
    Harry Styles is a twenty-three year old University student who believes that girls, alcohol, drugs, sex, and money make the world go round; at least for him, that is. That's where Carter comes in. Sweet,...
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