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  • KalassyNikoff
    Thank you very much. I am glad to get a comment. I revised this story many times in order to get it to as near perfect as I could. Stay tuned for my new full length novel set in the same universe.
    Peace of Mind
    Peace of Mind
    Thirty years ago, the digital central core changed our society completely. Along with this, scientists came up with a way of augmenting a person’s mind with a secondary digitized mind. Because of the complexities...
    System Zero
    6 years ago
    I look forward to it. Don't forget to give the holo-displays more love. One thing I like are those kinds of details which, in my opinion, adds a lot to the atmosphere, even as insignificant as they may seem. In a story I am writing, I too incorporate those warm glows from holo-displays to help create the scene, even if just for comfort. I don't know why, I really like 'em. I could probably write an entire story based on just that. :p
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