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  • Kaitlyn Graham
    I love its story I want this to happen to me omg :) love it
    Met Online
    Met Online
    'Pling' Cassidy Mari Williams looked at her laptop that she had left opened on her desk. New Messages (1) was written across the screen, her hands started to shake as she clicked on the icon, while she...
    4 years ago
    I know right? I would die if this happened to me... But after watching Catfish The TV Show, I'm kinda scared as well :*
    Anyways, there's a new chapter out which I really hope that you'll read - love you :*
  • Kaitlyn Graham
    Can I have one plz my name is kaitlyn
    justin bieber imagines
    justin bieber imag...
    if you want me to write you a one-shot please type what you want in comments, and I'll gladly write it for you ;) remember to add details like hair colour, eye colour etc thank you <3
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