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    keep writing please
    Dating my Brother's Enemy
    Dating my Brother'...
    I thought I found the perfect boy for me, my other half. But then he went missing. Before I knew he went missing he cheated on me. It turns out, that wasn't him. Do I love him, or do I love the boy who...
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    OMG did Zayn die oh and it is the most awesome book ever
    Bad for Eachother
    Bad for Eachother
    "Don't you dare, tell anyone about this" He whispered, sending shivers down my spine. "I, I wont" I croaked. Here I was, once again, stuck in the worst situation I had ever been in. Involving secrets,...
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    you need to update ASAP
    one night stand (+16)
    one night stand...
    (** WARNING : Rated R **) " where is the bed room ? " he asked , " upstairs left ". He nodded and brought me upstairs while I bite his earlobe making him moan . " somebody's gonna be punished tonight...
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