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I love to read,write,play softball,play my guitar,draw,and listen to One Direction.I am 11 years old.I live in Indiana.I am proud to be a directionier.I go on Topix One Direction Fourm so you can find me on there.

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    I can try to read it
    Young Love
    Young Love
    11 year old Kaileigh and 12 year old Cameron were deeply in love.Kaileigh's dad was to protective over her and he didn't like Cameron.Kaileigh's mom said as long as Cameron treats Kaileigh good,she is...
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    mumbled "Kai's Blog"

    God...it is hard being me...I have 3 diseases..I am bullied by 7 people...I want to run away...
    5 years ago
    Aww!(: Well i can sort of relate to you but have this in mind. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!
    *It means what you do will come back to you.
    for ex.If you give effort in school, you'll get back something good. (an education)
    *If those peopple bully you, they'll get back something bad.
    *If you're nice to people, people are nice back to you. GET IT?:)
    Kaileigh Brooke Horan
    I get it...but they deserve the best...I am just a stupid girl...
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    Sorry that I haven't posted a chapter.I was in the hospital so....yeah....I will do a chapter in a little bit
    Little Things (A Niall Horan FanFic)
    Little Things (A...
    Nothing is perfect.Right?Well 17 year old Jersey thought she wasn't perfect.She hated everything about her.She said she was ugly.But then one day she runs into a cute blonde hair boy.Niall James Horan.He...
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    Thank you guys....I will try my best to update as soon as I can....umm....bad times.....
    My Own Little Girl
    My Own Little Girl
    Niall,from 1D,was walking around his favorite childhood meadow in Ireland.He thought everything would be so normal.Just the way things used to be when he was younger.But there is a little twist.A small...
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    I say Liam!Liam should date her
    Never Expected
    Never Expected
    (One Direction Fan-Fic) Melony Parker and her best friend Sophia Ross have been best friends since they were both 4 years old. They have been through everything together. Pain, happiness, everything. I...
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