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Well hey I'm Kailee! Well here's a breif discription of me.. I am athletic, LOVE music an texting, have a British accent :p witch my friends told me to tell u??? Ann ummm oh yea love batman an the color blue :D <3

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    We were in math class, second hour. He's on one side of the room with his friends, me on the other side with my friends. Teacher, " Ok, homework check " calls all the kids one by one till she gets to him.
    " Lucas? " replies " Yes? " Oh that voice! " Is your homework dont " replies " Well... " with a smart grin.
    Under my breathe " Oh boy.. " he says " Well see Mr.G it goes like this.. yesterday the new Halo4 came out an I really needed to play it... if I did'nt I could've died beacause then the aliens would have amputated my head and they made me play it all night.. They would'nt let me do homework beacause they think its a waste of trees an if I did they would kill me " everyone laughs " I'll see you at lunch.. Next is Kailee " me " done " teacher calls off the rest of the names, an starts talking about mathmatical stuff as for me.. I'm admiring his beauty. He has big blue eyes that sparkle when he laughs, dark brown hair covered half way with his favorite white beanie, a smile that could melt all of Antarctica, and well in my persay a rather dashing body. I study each and every motion, likes an dislikes. I want to be with but I don't know if I'm the right girl... To be continued.
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