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Hey ^~^ Name is Kassie. I write 1D fanfic. :D
Be A Directioner<3
I'm in a band called Darkness is Light with my 4 best friends. Were recording our first album summer '13 (:
Comment on my stories and tell me what you think. <33
-Kassie ^.^
P.S if you would like to Co-author with me, become a fan, and ask in comments to be a co-author. I would love to share ideas with fellow writers :) xx
~Smile 'til it hurts.~
Kassie >w>

  • Justthebeautyofit.
    Its good, love. keep writing. Your amazing at it. (: xxx -K
    Forgive and Forget
    Forgive and Forget
    Christine and her friend, Sierra, were going to go to college in the fall, but the night of the One Direction concert changed everything. Sierra met Niall and the two quickly bonded. As for Christine,...
  • Justthebeautyofit.
    Love it, boo<3 Write more? -K <33
    Love Triangle
    Love Triangle
    My name is Savannah Lee Heart. I'm one of those regular girls that live in a small town. I'm in love with One Direction, but what happens when i meet them and i become in a love triangle and both of them...
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