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Just a basic bookworm/writer who is a sucker for cheesy/cliche romance. I love Wattpad, Justin Bieber, & Jasmine Villegas❤️

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    This is an amazing story & I almost cried because the ending is SOO sad������I can't believe you ended it like that lol I still love it though. You're an amazing writer & I'm looking forward to ur future stories(: i wish they would've at least kissed;( but I hope you make a sequel/epilogue or post the two extra chapters you have with a happy ending��I love this, it gave me too many feels❤️❤️❤️can't wait till the next time you post!��
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    Met Online
    'Pling' Cassidy Mari Williams looked at her laptop that she had left opened on her desk. New Messages (1) was written across the screen, her hands started to shake as she clicked on the icon, while she...
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    Aw - I got tears in my eyes reading this comment, no joke!! I'm actually in the midst of publishing this story as a real book, where it has a happy ending - and I promise they will kiss there ;) Love you - thank you so much for reading and for commenting. You are amazing!!! Again, love you so much!! x
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