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    Your a really great writer!!! The thing I liked about the book so far, was the story line and the way you wrote it! I got so hooked in the book that my heart was racing when the lights went out!! I'm so excited for chapter 1 because I want to know who that guy is!!! I totally support you, and all of the decisions you make in this book, Monsters, will make the book a whole lot more interesting!!!
    “Not all monsters are hideous creatures you know, they can actually be quite beautiful too.” Thanks to @x regan x for the amazing cover (=^ェ^=)
  • JustLikeInfinity1001
    Hey! I know you have a lot of haters, (I'm not one of them), and people are nagging about you updating, but i just want to say, you are doing an amazing job on it! I hope your still interested in writing this book because it's SOOOO good!
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