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Hey everyone! Welcome to my movella page(: Make sure to check out my movellas, I update every chance I Get.

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    mumbled "I'm Back!"

    Hey everyone! I know it has been awhile since I have updated and I am sooo sorry! I have been having a rough time lately, but it's time to get my life back on track and finish what I started!
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    Updates are on the way! Hold on!:)
    Die In Your Arms.
    Die In Your Arms.
    Sophie is coming home from a party late. She notices that someone is following her. She can hear the footsteps, but she's too scared to turn around. She notices that the stranger had followed her all the...
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    Updates are on the way! Hang in there!:)
    Broken Trust
    Broken Trust
    I trusted him. I told Him that I loved him. He said it back. Why did I believe a word he said? I'm so stupid! He told me I was the only one for Him. I knew something weird was going on. But I just don't...
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    I love all of your stories! You are such a talented writer! Please update ASAP!:)
    Body Guard
    Body Guard
    (JUSTIN BIEBER FANFICTION) I sighed leaning my head against the car window. "I don't wanna go!" I groaned at my dad. His eyes stayed on the road. "This will be good for us, a new start." My dad said. "No...
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    This is turning out great! Make sure to update!:)
    From bullying to love ♥
    From bullying to...
    'Hey Brooke' Justin ugh. So early in the morning, what have I done to deserve this. 'What?' I just said back. 'Woah baby, don't be so mean.' 'Just leave me in alone, asshole.' 'What did you call me?' Before...
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