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  • Justin Pitchuck

    Generating new ideas

    A problem I often find when writing, and I know everyone experiences this problem is, trying to generate new ideas. A technique I tend to use while writing is, taking a piece of paper and a pencil and just write down whatever pops into my, and I don't stop, you just keep going and going, even if it makes absolutely no sense. It will eventually begin to make sense, or you can make sense from it. It's a way of just spitting out all of your thoughts, and later you just underline the important spots you figure you'll need.
    D.B. Fairless
    6 years ago
    Freehand association writing, good way of getting all your deepest darkest thoughts onto paper, unless you're scared of what you might find. I have a good imagination so writers block is something I haven't had much experience in. But watching a lot of films often fills your creative bucket of ideas I find.
    Harry Smiles
    6 years ago
    I find having a twitter feed a great way of generating, capturing and shaping ideas - there's so much going on, depending on you you follow, that you should find no shortage of inspiration.
  • Justin Pitchuck

    mumbled "Books?"

    I recently started writing in January of 2012. That would be my book "Grey Matters". I came up with the title of the book on wednesday March 21st 2012, which is today as I'm writing this blog. I enjoy writing very much as I do it. I've tried it before, but never really got anywhere with it, it would always turn out wrong or not the way I wanted it too.

    Back in December is when I had this crazy epiphany for this book. I started off by just thinking of the idea, then I actually wrote down some ideas, and then the writing of the book began. And it's awesome. I now people who have connections with editors and I am 99% positive that I will get this published, and hopefully movella will help as well.

    Justin Pitchuck
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