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Hi guys! If you're reading this, thank you! :) I'm on Wattpad, where I do most of my writing as XxLucySavannahxX.. See you there maybe? ;)
I'll put something on here maybe...

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    mumbled "Why So Many Directioners?"

    Okay, so I've been on here for a day and I'd say around 75% of users/stories have a link to One Direction somehow. I haven't seen any other fandoms really, and it would be nice to see some fellow Potterheads or something! :) I don't write fanfics, but I guess I could swing that way if I chose to... hooray for versatility! Anyway, I just had to point that out... and all the people looking for co-authors are wanting them for One Direction purposes. So maybe, if you think about doing yet another One Direction fanfic, think about the other things that your wonderfully creative minds could be put to work doing; not everyone needs One Direction shoving down their throat. (No euphemism intended!) Rock on guys! \m/O.O\m/ ~JustAnotherWannabeAuthor
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