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Hello Friends ,
I am a humongous Harry Potter fan . Expect loads of Fan-Fiction . BTW JustandLoyal is me saying I'm a Hufflepuff and PROUD. I am also a history nerd . BE NICE IN COMMENTS IN MY STORY'S , I will honestly not tolerate it.
Have a Nice Day ,
P.S I just disapparated !

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    Nice start!
    The Werewolf and the Wizard
    The Werewolf and...
    Jamie Fletcher never wanted to be a monster. She simply stayed out an hour too late on the wrong day, and now she's stuck living as only half a human. Meanwhile, her rival, a Slytherin named Miles Wood,...
  • JustandLoyal
    Tell me what the next chapter should be about
    The Boy With The Plants
    The Boy With The...
    Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy this story!
    3 years ago
    Maybe Neville asks Lillian out?
    3 years ago
    lanna31776 I think that is a great idea, could you give me some idea on why, and how Neville asks Lillian out.
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