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Wey hey beautiful people!!

Nasra here

-love to write

-I LOVE soccer, if I could I would play it all day.

-I love to sing and dance (not good at any of them)

-I can be loud and crazy sometimes

-My friends now me as the responsible one out of the group (even though I'm the one who comes up with the craziest ideas)

-My nickname is Sherlock (like seriously, i'm so use to people calling me Sherlock, that I actually think it's my name)

- My favorite artists/bands are Justin Bieber, Demi Lovato, ONE DIRECTION, the wanted (LOL not) and ED SHEERAN (OH MY FUCKING GOD LOVE HIM)

- oh and I eat......a lot, like way to much ;)

and that's all I can remember about myself for now, if you wanna know something else just ask, I won't bite (I will swallow you though)

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