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Hello. I am Forever Lost, and there is nothing special about me. Nothing. So don't try to coax me into telling you.
I love to roleplay, so if you would like to roleplay with me, all you have to do is ask. Alright? Alright.

  • ABrokenDreamer

    Adventure Time Roleplay

    I really want to roleplay Adventure Time but nobody wants to on the alternate website I scroll around on. (Quotev)
    Akio Miyume
    3 years ago
    Name: Harley
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Pink hair. Left eye is red and Right is green. Pale skin
    Species: Human
    Weapon: twin daggers
    Personality: This is split due to Dissasociative Identity disorder.
    Rose- Sort of crazy and is considered to be a murder. She does tend to become unnessecarily flirty.
    Normal- She is cold and is lonely..she also tends to attract cats who act as her friend. She does fear being rejected.
    Moe- The innocent child side and is seemingly to be 5. So, she tends to question everything
    Crush: none right now
    Other Facts:
    She has a serum that makes her sleep and helps to silent Rose.

    (i'll let you know when she switches personalities...)
    Pretty Little Nightmare
    ( The name Harley is taken)
    Akio Miyume
    3 years ago
    ( ^ I ment to put the name as Thorn but I guess I didn't delete it properly...She's starting out as Moe)

    Thorn wondered the long, grassy feilds. "Mama?!" She called out while looking around franticly.
  • ABrokenDreamer

    Maximum Ride Roleplay

    Preferably 1 x 1, not very used to roleplaying with more than one person at a time yet. OCs are preferred as well, not going along with the book plot.
    Pretty Little Nightmare
    ( *had"
    3 years ago
    She sobbed slightly and flew back, trying to wipe her face of tears. "I-I forgive you, Max," she muttered, hugging the older girl tightly.
    "Still, the wound might get worse," he warned.
    Pretty Little Nightmare
    Max smiled and Iggy wrapped his arms around Ash, pulling her into a tight hug. Danielle just shrugged.
  • ABrokenDreamer

    Doctor Who Roleplay 1x1

    The reason this is 1x1 is because I am always forgotten and talked over whenever I roleplay with more than one person. I am only on season 2 with David Tennant, and I would like to just roleplay with either my OC and someone as the Doctor or my OC and a Timelord OC.
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