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Hello there! I'm "Just As Sane As I Am" (my favorite HP quote). I love reading and writing fantasy and ESPECIALLY Harry Potter. Hermione and Luna are my favorite characters. My personality is like them mixed together, that weird girl who stares into space and believes in everything, but also does really well in school and is pretty much a nerd. Ships: #1: ROMIONE!!! #2: Nuna #3: Hinny.
Also (random) I am totally OBSESSED with red hair. And not because if the Weasleys. Idk why. Anyway, I am in Gryffindor House (according to JK Rowling's quiz). All my friends think I'm a Hufflepuff, but oh, we'll. One of my friends who I thought would be Slytherin was actually Gryffindor! Okay, enough talking for now. Please read my stories!!! I want to be an author and illustrator professionally.
-The girl who talks too much, AKA pen name Scarlet Kindelli or Just As Sane As I Am

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