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Just another person in this world which likes to write. There's not much to me really.

My name? Well, I'd rather not say, but if you really must have a name to call me by then you can call me Anna Marie or just Anna. We don't have to use the name our parents gave us.

One Direction are just perfect, I love them so much. <3 They keep be grounded and that's an amazing task. They make me feel alive, rather than like a stupid zombie, slugging around pointlessly doing nothing with her life.

Anyway, enough about me, what about you? Don't be afraid to introduce yourself. I love making new friends.

Ilyasm <3

  • Just Another Person
    HI! Please may I have a cover? I love your work.
    Title: cigarette girl
    Author: Just Another Person
    Genre: 1D fanfic
    Celebs: Zayn Malik and Lana Del Rey please
    Ideas: I was thinking of it being quite dark and mysterious with a sort of murky, cloudy feel (imitating cigarette smoke you could say.) If you could have Zayn sort of more in the backgroun, less clear, that would be great but if not just do what you can.
    Thanks! <3
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