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I write poetry, I LOVE POETRY!
Please read and feel the emotion within the words that I write, for words do not condemn!
All my poems are all based on close experiences... Enjoy

  • JUPITERrain

    mumbled "Earrings "

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    Write about earrings?
    I have better things to do.
    Talk about real life poetry, and hair weave bonding glue!
    One of the easiest things to loose...
    Putting yours trust and compassion into an object that will mislead you.

    Devious like men, but tempting like woman...
    How many earrings have you brought without looking?
    They sneak into your trolleys, and climb into your ears.
    Earrings are elegant, earrings do not fear.
    Earrings are pretty...
    Earrings do not lead...
    You will find them where least expected.
    You will feel them in your sleep!
    They comfort you in public and leave you when your weak.
    Don't pity your earrings!
    For people only pity the meek,
    Pity the one who wears it,
    for it's cradled whiles it sleeps.
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