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Hey, my name is Jellyfish (not really)! My friend @its.a.choclate.milk.party inspired me to get an account on here, I just thought, "Okay, why not?"
I am a Directioner and saucer forever, #thebestfandom
THE CHECK!!! ( only abby gets this)
I wish I was a brit. BUT i am irish!!
I LUV NIALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^.^
Converse. That's me.
That's all, please fan me and Abby! BTW it's abby that wrote this because Jellyfish is lazy.
See you in neverland,

Loving one directions new album FOUR!!!!!

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    mumbled "crying"

    I am like crying so hard right now!! The official 5sos twitter account followed me .... and then LUKE AND ASHTON FOLLOWED ME!!!!!! THEN I TALKED TO LUKE OVER DM AND HE IS SO NICE AND FUNNY! !! HE TOLD ME HE WILL ASK THE OTHERS TO FOLLOW ME. THEN HE SAID THAT WE HAVE TO MAKE A PLAN TO MEET.. . LIKE ninja turtles......his exact words..... ahhhhh somebody dig my grave!!!
    Ummmmmm ok
    did he say anything
    or did you ask him
    shoot now I'm rly excited
    did he ever reply
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