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Hi, I'm Julie and 1D has taken over my life!! =D
I love writing but I don't have so much time but I try! I hope you like my stories!!!! Lots of love Julie! <3 <3 <3 <3

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    mumbled "I'm soooo bad!!!"

    I know I don't update anymore, but I'll try to update again. But my school starts in two days, so... But I'll try!!!! I'm sooo sorry if you waited for my stories! I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorr!!!!!!
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    I think you don't really like this movella? Please tell me what you think! If you don't like it I will delete it! So pweeaasseee tell me??? :( <3
    A dream come true
    A dream come true
    " A job at Starbucks is a normal job. It isn't very exciting. Just a normal job." That's what Julie tought till that day. She never thought that would happen, it's like a dream come true.
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    mumbled "UPDATESSSSS"

    I haven't been updating the last weeks... or months. BUT I'm ssooooo sorryyyyy!!!! Forgive me???? But I have a writersblock and I guess it's a long one... I'M REALLLLYYYY SORRRYYY!!!!!!!!! I try to write but it doesn't work. AAAAHHHHHHH -xxx- Julie :) ♥♥♥
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