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    Hey! Well I am new to this blog stuff I'm guessing it is a place were I can share or give some advice to people! So I will try to write every day!

    So lets start with have u ever by accident told your crush that you like them? Well I made that small mistake and don't think I will do it again! But it is different for everyone. So here is some advice if you have told your crush that you liked them, first off if they look at you nervously and the say they don't have the same feelings for you, then just say that it is okay and you just wanted them to know how you felt. And try not to show emotion and just give yourself and the other person some space for a few days like nothing ever happened and see if the person talks to you. If the person doesn't then go and say that you are sorry for telling the person an that you would like to start over. Meaning by shaking hands and introducing yourselves like you two just met and try being friends again. I tried this but I chickened out and that is okay because for me nothing bothers me that badly so I found that I didn't care what the other person thought and decided I didn't want to be friends with him. Which was why I didn't go through with my plan of re-introducing and apology stuff. Well I have to go! I will be back soon with more stories and advise to give!
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