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~ Storm's Eye ~ SilverLightning ~ SkyBound ~
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I like rain. I like a storm. I like lightning.

Some people don't go crazy. What horrible lives they must have.

I don't aim to win. I just don't aim to lose.

Gamer ~ Artist ~ Brown-Belt ~ Otaku ~ Reader ~ Writer ~ Basket-baller ~ Swordsman ~ Card Thrower ~ Puzzler ~ Resolver ~ Debater ~ Nocturnal ~ Dreamer

I cleave a path with my blade, my own path, I was alone on this journey, will you join me as well. I am all my characters.

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By reading my stories, you’ve seen a part of my soul.

I want to immerse myself in another great universe once again. Living many lives. Experiencing many heroes from other worlds. Books, Movies, TV Series, Anime, Manga. I’ve been in many, and I will relive many, and live in many new worlds. And now I’m experiencing lives in worlds no one have seen. The worlds I’ve created myself.

I live mainly in fantasy and sci-fi, but i’ve been known to travel further.

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My imagination is my sword, the blade inks the page, the story of a sword is inked in blood.

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Sensitive people suffer more, but they love more and dream more.

If I could choose a power, I’d choose to fly.

I have 3 faces, 1st face: fun and humour, 2nd face: emotionless and bored, 3rd face: asleep. Be wary of all three.

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The elements, in all my worlds,

Wind, untethered to the earth, free and wild

Fire, a gift from the heavens, blazing and bright

Water, shapeless and limitless in form, clean and cool

Earth, an aspect of everything, unmoving and strong

Lightning, a powerful flash, rare and unpredictable

Plants, above, below and around, undeterred and lively

Creatures, able to adapt, survive and change

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I'm a True Gamer, I play to my hearts content with no limit. Day-Dreamer, I have the power to transverse into any world in my head at any time I please. I'm super visual.

One of the hardest things to do is find originality in your work. But really there is no such thing as originality, making something completely up in your head is impossible. Every world you make is a combination of a thousand others you've lived in. Don't worry about the originality, just make it awesome.

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The Many Worlds I’ve lived and relived.

I alone decide my fate. A wanderer isn't always lost - League of Legends

Die? Didn't you know? Spartans never die - Halo

My common sense is tingling - Deadpool

What's the matter? Scared of a little lightning?
I'm not overly fond of what follows. - Avengers

You know the thing about chaos? It’s fair. - Batman

What about second breakfast? - The Hobbit

Don't make promises you can't keep. Yeah, but those are the best kind - The Amazing Spiderman

In dreams, we enter a world that’s entirely our own. - Harry Potter

If my life is going to mean anything, I've got to live it myself - Percy Jackson

You are by far the worst pirate I’ve ever heard of. Ahh but you have heard of me. - Pirates of the Caribbean

Give up trying to make me give up - Naruto

Do you know why the big brother is born first? It’s to protect the little brothers and sisters that come after him. - Bleach

No one in the world is destined to be alone - One Piece

What's the difference between the real world and the virtual one? - Sword Art Online

Be daring in the midst of caution, you can't win if you're afraid of taking risks. - Ace of Diamond

I won't say you'll definitely be able to do it if you don't give up. But if you do give up, then there'll definitely be nothing. - Kuroko's Basketball

When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest Change - Avatar the last Air Bender

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. - Walt Disney

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One word, One line, One thought, can change your whole world.

All you need is a pen and paper. Then all you need to do is free your imagination.

I dream in the fantasy, in ancient times using swords and bows. I live in times where guns don't shoot bullets anymore and everything is metal and energy. I live in times where people can fly.

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~ IMAGINE = I'M A GI-NE = I'm A Genie ~

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  • SilverLightning ✦

    mumbled "An observer"

    Just observing

    Boys with sisters are more: fashionable, are always found in girls company, gossip like.

    Girls with brothers are more: social, funny, have a lot of energy, never seem to get bored.

    Just bored, saying my random thoughts.
  • SilverLightning ✦

    mumbled "Famous people"

    Ever met a famous person? They have this aura around them,
    Sure they're ordinary people, but they're not,
    As soon as one walks into the room you can feel it,
    just the amount of power he or she holds,
    As if some sort of royalty, everyone looks at them with respect,
    Even if it's someone famous that you hate, you can still see it,
    The power they have, as if they're an alien or other world being,
    Their feelings and experiences nothing like yours, nothing close,
    And some if not most, have this fire in their eyes, nothing like the normal people,
    it's something that glows, us ordinary people, we're bored to death about our lives,
    but famous people? no, they can't rest, they don't and the fire in their eyes burns brighter,
    No boredom in their lives, no time for it, there's nothing for it,
    They are the epitome of unique, their personalities are powerful,
    We ordinary people adjust to the world, they don't,
    With their fame they refined their individuality, they make it work against the world,
    We should learn from them, be yourself, make your personality strong,
    make sure that when someone meets you, they'll never forget you.
    4 months ago
    Very true!
    #vampire in training
    sooo very tru
    4 months ago
    Very, very nicely written. :) Great work!
  • SilverLightning ✦

    mumbled "Imperfection"

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    Things good people have told us:
    We can never be perfect, so it's okay to be imperfect
    We should be ourselves, and be happy with who we are

    I agree.

    Just because we're imperfect and never will be perfect, does not mean we stop trying to be perfect. We should constantly strive to be better, and the aim is to be perfect. We should be happy with ourselves, but not in a way that we stay the same every day.
    4 months ago
    That's so true! Usually people take 'being perfect' in a different sense, they think about only looks and outer beauty, but it's something that goes way deeper than that. :D Great work!
  • SilverLightning ✦

    mumbled "True Loneliness"

    Ever felt truely lonely? Like in a bad way, not the good way
    It's gut wrenching, as if someone is grasping your heart and squeezing like nothing else matters,
    like you can't breathe, and it hurts the most at night, holding your knees close, tears streaming for no reason whatsoever. It can make you feel so lonely, even in a crowded room, even with people talking to you, like they don't understand, and it's better to stay quiet, not to be some attention seeking whore with them so called feelings. None understands you, better than you, and so you reside in your mind, among the adventures of a thousand people living a hundred different lives, experiences that can never happen in the world. And even when you're past the loneliness, you dream, you dream of going back in time, and waking your past weak, crying, sad, lonely self up, and giving him a push when no one else did for you.
    Mister Tea
    4 months ago
    Damn, this feels like you could have written it about me or something I could write if I chose to look that deeply inside myself.
    2 months ago
    I like it bro, really hits you
  • SilverLightning ✦

    mumbled "The smith"

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    He beat at the metal, pouring his emotions into it, moulding it, it glowed red from the blaze, and he still kept at it, over and over, the same swing, over time his strikes had gotten stronger, and more accurate, he could shape the metal in all sorts of ways, his years of experience could feel the metal and how and when it was ready. And still he hammered, as if there was nothing else in the world, just him, the metal, the hammer, and the forge.
    Mercury Chap
    4 months ago
    Whoa, this is an amazing short poem I have read in a while.
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