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    All though I didn't know it, I wasn't an ordinary girl and I don't have an ordinary family.I lived with my dad because my mom died when I was 5. She had been hit with a deadly virus, released by the Chinese. Every morning at dawn I would sit in the meadows next to my house and hum "in the old days" like my mother used to. It was nice back then. The government was not as oblivious as they were now. It started with the Presedent (Obama), when he launched a missile into Iraq. It started a world war 3. After that the government built rectangular camoflauge houses. They were more like prisons but hey, who cared anyways.its not like anyone really ever gave a crap about what happened to the earth. The earth had allready begun to "self-destruct" due to the nuclear explosions.

    CHAPTER 1: hide
    "Emma, hide!" I heard my dad call out to me. We were bunker 3221, and every month at a random time order soldiers would search all of the bunkers. But, for some reason they couldn't find out who I was. My dad had made a hole in the wall to hide me when they came. sometimes they would almost find me but they never did obviously. I would always ask "why. Why do i have to hide." And he always said the same. "Its for your protection." And we never got any farther.
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    Update in 1-2 dayd
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    jose come over marys and ill show u how to write a story the right way bc wht u did was wrong lol but btw it really good
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