Not much to tell really.. Picture Taylor Swift but Australian and a with slow metabolism and you get me.. I'm obsessed with British boys, which is why I'm single, I think. I may also be due to the fact that I'm a little bit weird, in a good way though..

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I apologise if I'm not updating some of my Movellas, I'm trying to write more chapters for all of them..

If you like or comment or favourite or become a fan of me, I love you all.. Trust me, your support does not go unappreciated..

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    Hello my lovely loyal ladies (and gents [I was just trying to sound cool])

    Thank y'all for being so patient.. I've been on a very tight schedule at the moment cause apparently spring is a time when everyone wants to do everything. I hope you all enjoy the newest chapter of unpredictable :) I'm also about to post a new fanfic and I hope y'all go and read it :) Thank you :) I love you xx
    She doesn't really care you know that right...she has a bunch of fans
    I do care :) I love all of you guys <3 If anyone wants to send me anything, my email is in my info :) xx
    Hi I was wondering if u could write another untamed book?? PLEASE
    Could you update unpredictable! I'm dying to know what happens next!
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    Sickness has doomed Unpredictable

    Hahaha Hi guys.. If you didn't gather, I'm really sick which is why I haven't updated.. I've also started a new business and I'm trying to get my life in a particular order.. I have to write a little bit more before I post the next chapter but I will try and do it as soon as possible.. Thank you from the worst person in the world..
    Aw love,you are NOT the worst person in the world and we understand,you're just very busy! (:
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    New Covers!!!

    Thank you to all the people that entered their covers.. I struggled to pick so much.. At the moment, I was drawn to these ones.. I don't know what it is about them.. I unfortunately don't know who entered them though, as it was done anonymously.. I didn't even know that that was possible until now.. I learn something new everyday.. If they aren't yours, don't be disheartened because I may swap and change them again soon.. I loved all of them that much, it took me two weeks to decide haha :) Thank you everyone :)
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    2 more days!!!

    Hey guys!! Thank you to everyone who has sent me covers!! They are all amazing and I'm struggling to pick!! Two more days to anybody who still wants to enter!!!
    What are the covers for??
    They are for any of my books, but mainly the Untamed series..
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    New covers..

    I also have a challenge for you guys.. I want to know if anyone has an artistic eye and can create me some covers for my stories, mainly the Untamed series.. I would prefer if the covers were somewhat related to what they are now, with a rose or something, but I would appreciate any sort of design. If anyone has anything they would like me to consider, email it to or tweet me it at jorgiematthew1D.. Thanks :) x
    I think I will give it a try actually :)
    Ooooo me too
    I would, but I don't want to blind you with my crap artistic skills... I have good ideas, but I'm terrible at actually pulling them together...
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