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First things first: You may not protest unless your name is Jimmy, got it?
Ok:) I am a very dedicated Directioner, and I write 1D fan-fics. I've never really taken writing seriously, but I decided I'd give it a shot.
About me:
My nickname is now offically Piglet
I'm 13
I get extremely hyper around my friends and when I have sugar, but I can control it if I want to (wants the key word there)
I love music
I love texting
I love playing volleyball
I like cheese. And carrots. And peanut butter. But not jelly... hmmm
I suck at British accents...:/
I love 1D.
I'm also obsessed with: Cher Lloyd, Ed Sheeran, Pixie Lott, and Jessi J.
Which means: I was born in the wrong country:/
One of my friends writes on here, and her profile is http://www.movellas.com/en/people/profile/201303232235247641
Love you guys! Read on! If you want to be a character in one of my books, just ask! Since I only have like 3 fans I can almost guarantee you a spot:) Share with you're friends?
If you guys start liking my stories, you are offically part of my small fandom. Your name is either Dreamers or PaigeTurners. I haven't decided yet;) Love you!
♥/Paige the potato

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    I AM NOT OK D:
    It's so good... But.... But..... Jaige!!!! Noo!!!!! D:
    Kelsi Johnson is the 'Popular' girl at school. She isn't bitchy, she's actually really nice. Everyone likes her. She has four amazing Bestfriends and one cames back from Canada. They all are a big party....
    5 years ago
    You'll see why I did that. Don't worry, you may or may not get back together..
    YESH!!!!! Jaige forever!!!!!
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