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Confident and courageous in almost everything of good I do, some of which are - Graphic designing, Web Development and programming.

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    mumbled "Hey There! I Just Joined Here!"

    Hello there!
    I just joined movellas. It seems like a pretty good website. To start off, I think I should introduce myself.

    I am a graphic designer, programmer and web developer. I'm also a pretty good writer and have a great imagination. I am also a born again Christian.

    Now I will explain my brief point of view on the media and books available today.
    I believe that there needs to be more of a positive influence to children's minds these days, rather than all the books about darkness. If you look around the world today, you'll be surprised the amount of bad things they fill the youth's mind with. I mean, you could just walk into any old book shop and be amazed by the seeds they plant into their minds which work on they're bad attitude. Unfortunately, not enough people are realising the trouble this causes and just let it pass by as "It's Only A..." , when you have to say that, I'd double check. My point is, there needs to be more people standing up against these things. I may even write a book on this stuff as I feel there needs to be more awareness of such things.

    Thanks for reading! Remember you can follow me on twitter here:, to keep updated with all that I'm doing, or any updates going on.

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