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    Be Prepared: Book #2 of the Ever After Series by Jordan_r
    Quote: "Pay attention! My words are a matter of pride."
    Ideas : Something dark, (but not to dark) eg. Scar with a sinister look on his face, and inside him you can see a silhouette of Mufasa slipping down the cliff.
    I understand if this may be a hard request to fulfill, and hopefully you've seen the movie at least, XD but my last cover was amazing and I want you to know that I trust you completely.
    Thank you so much! :)
    NightShadeCreepypasta's Covers, Previews & More!
    In need of a cover for your story? A preview picture for your upcoming story? Or maybe a picture for your profile? Look no further, I'm up for the challenge! [currently: OPEN]
    I will do my best! :)
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    Wow I really like this, please update:) but... is Jae going to get nicer, smarter even? Idk i really want to like him but I don't maybe it's just me other than that it's great. I have written a story slightly similar to this, about a girl being raised by hyenas and then brought to civilization. If you like that I suggest you check it out! Also I have recently finished a beauty and the beast fanfiction :)
    When A Mermaid Loves A Man
    When A Mermaid Lov...
    a horrible tornado whips through the ocean one day and throws a mermaid onto land where she see's the man who she falls so easily in love with. She will follow him wherever he goes even if he doesn't love...
  • jordan_r
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    Epilogue ;(
    All good things must come to an end I guess. Your ending was great and left the readers feeling fulfilled with the story. I love how you decided to name Belle's town 'Town of Town', I thought that was hilarious! XD
    10 months ago
    Haha yeah I didn't know what else to call it XD XD
    Thank you so much :)
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