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I am the new UK editor for Movellas. Having been working in publishing and creative writing for the past few years, I am really looking forward to reading all your exciting Movellas (and hopefully offering some helpful feedback). I am a short story writer and am currently trying to finish a novel. Feel free to ask me to have a look at your work and I will try and leave something useful for you to think about.

  • Brynna Shadownight

    mumbled "Movella Commuinty managers?"

    @[Molly Looby] @[Eva84] @[Yvonne] @[Jordan Philips] @[Zohra]
    are u guys going to update this? I cannot wait to see it! :)
    Movellas Profile RedesignThis is my entry for the competition of the year to redesign the Movellas profile page. I hope it's not too late as I put in quite a lot of effort, and...
    9 months ago
    Ace idea :) Will be in touch when we are moving forward on this :)
    Brynna Shadownight
    9 months ago
    cool! :) can't wait
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