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I am the new UK editor for Movellas. Having been working in publishing and creative writing for the past few years, I am really looking forward to reading all your exciting Movellas (and hopefully offering some helpful feedback). I am a short story writer and am currently trying to finish a novel. Feel free to ask me to have a look at your work and I will try and leave something useful for you to think about.

  • Ahlaam Nightshade

    mumbled "Who Remembers"

    . . . when @[Prodigy] was I'mNotReadyForThis?
    . . . when @[Tomato.] was writerrandom?
    . . . when @[*undecided username*] was Paintbrush/Ink Appleshine?
    . . . when @[supercollider] was themuse1313?
    . . . when @[Lia is not a cookie.] was Literate Lia/Lia Likes Cookies?
    . . . when @[· AldrinHD ·] was Secrets Unfold?
    . . . when @[Niharika Sarma] was Mina Rowen?
    . . . when @[Zohra] was @[Molly Looby]?
    . . . when @[Jordan Philips] was @[GeorgiaT]?

    [who else?]
    Innocence ツ
    5 months ago
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    I actually think it was Lily Anne
    Lily Anna Nightshade
    Probably. Or Lily Smith.
    Mercury Chap
    5 months ago
    I didn't even know about that!

  • Rohini N
    1 years agoReply
    Few days ago, I had this crazy dream where I saw that you wrote a bestseller and today, you are leaving! But anyways, thank you for all the feedback and everything that you have done for us. You will be missed. Good luck with your future projects, @[Jordan Philips]
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