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    updateeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeee
    Dance Camp
    Dance Camp
    Alexa Evans, world famous dancer. Jetsetting around the world to dance for whoever needs her. She accepts an offer to be a mentor at a dance camp reality show. She's not in it for the fame, or for the...
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    OMB please do a JuJu Biebs story!! And please another chapter soon!
    It's time to dance {One Direction}
    It's time to dance...
    "Complicated enough to not even tell your best friend? This was why you were acting so strange at the park that day after the flash-mob in Battersea Park! Did he even know you were there? That I was the...
    5 years ago
    I recently started on a Justin story, but like it's such a long time since I was stalking him 24/7! Trust Justin was once my only one, but then I opened more up for music, and I'm not able to stayed tuned on everything like I used to be. So I find it quite hard to write about it sometimes. I wrote the prologue and the first chapter and I hope to continue working on it soon! Really soon, and I hope reading Pattie's book will inspire me to write even more, because I'm currently reading it! BTW such a great book if you haven't read it, you should totally do it! xx
    and I'll upload another chapter tomorrow. I'm off to bed now! :-D x
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    I laughed My off at the chapter when Chaz and Ryan pranked justin in the hospital!!! But nooooooooo it cant end like that!!!!!!!!!!:(((((
    I Want You
    I Want You
    When Justin Bieber falls in love with an ordinary girl from Manhattan, he does everything possible to keep her in his life. Being a super star is tough, especially when your in love with someone who isn't...
    Justin Bieberr
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    lol thanks! I am making a sequel, dont worry!
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    C'mon update!!!!!!!
    What Happens When Your Dad Marries Justin Biebers Mom (A Justin Bieber Love Story)
    What Happens When...
    I never thought I would be here; no mom, no money to get the hell away from this stupid fucking family my dad married us into. The only control I have anymore is my body and what I do to it. I could careless...
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