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Hello there! I love to write and read. Drop me a note if you'd like me to read/review your story!

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    (Sorry dropped this into a reply accidentally)--re-post #yahairascovers

    Title: Little White Lies
    Author: jojobear5623
    Characters: Niall, Liam, Harry, and Emily (portrayed by young Kristin Kreuk)
    Mood: Romantic
    Quote: "Niall is the perfect boyfriend---so why can't Emily stop thinking about his bandmate?"
    Extras: I would like cover to feature all four characters mentioned above if possible (if you can't fit all of them then can cut out Emily.) A minimalist design would be great.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hiya c; This my cover//banner//movie poster store (: If you want one, just follow the instructions and I'll get to you as soon as I can (:
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    What @P@uline said below; cute idea!
    Abandoned. Left in a strange place unknown to his small mind. Niall's parents have dumped Niall in Kampala, Uganda. Why? Who knows. All Niall knows is that he's scared. He's alone. And he needs love. And...
  • jojobear5623
    Good start with your story. There are some parts where the grammar doesn't make sense and the meeting seems abrupt though.
    Finding Home
    Finding Home
    Kaycee used to have a home. She called it that for six years. When suddenly, she gets thrown into a hostile foster home. By the time she makes it out of there, she doesn't know what home is anymore. Will...
  • jojobear5623
    Refreshing idea! And your grammar is great, especially if English isn't your first language :)
    Harry Styles The Super Fan
    Harry Styles The...
    Harry Styles is a big fan of a singer, Louis Tomlinson. Harry actually has a serious crush on him and he said he'll make Louis his one day. Louis meets Harry backstage after his concert and he totally...
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