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Hello there :)

About me? Lets see. My name is Nerthika and I'm 17, going to be 18 years old (woop woop, legal adult, authorised voter and all that).

I have just applied to university and have been offered a place at my dream one to read my dream subject, English and all I have to do is obtain 3 easyyy-peasssyyy A's. No, I'm kidding, nowhere near easy, absolute nightmare.

I class myself as a writer, a poet, an ASPIRING journalist who has only published one article, a historian, a Classicist, a political lefty, a pacifist, all for peace, all for love.

Books make the world a much better place. Fond of Dickens, Orwell, McEwan. I have time for all books. Last book read was Dorian Gray, currently reading Great Gatsby and next book I hope to read is The age of Innocence. I read ALOT.

Channel 4 News-station and the Guardian newspaper- satisfying all my current-affair needs since forever.

I am a movie freak. I will give any and every movie a go. I have no problem with controversial movies, in fact two movies that really affected me and made me think differently about the world are Donnie Darko and the Butterfly Effect.

I am absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter, really do like Lord of the Rings and have no time for Twilight.

Favourite actor: Johnny Depp. He is God.
Favourite director(S): Tim Burton, Peter Jackson and Martin Scorcesse.

Favourite music: I'm a bit of an alternative indie type girl. Panic at the Disco, Coldplay and The Killers I could easily live on for the rest of my life. I'm not as open to all types of music, but hey-ho.

Campaigner- political campaigner with the Labour Party, campaigned against racism and homophobia also.

I would like to class myself as stylish. Really.

Massive family and a big network of friends and I love them. My mum, siblings and a coupla close friends are the most important people in the world to me.

ERM what else? I don't really hate, dislike or anything of the sort anyone on a personal level.

I'm a nice, easy-going person and I love helping, interacting and having fun with others.

Don't have too much time on my hands but will come on and write whenever I can on this swell website.

Hope you guys like reading my work, please feel free to comment!


PS. (My sister once called me a hippy in the way I think and dress, but I'm not really) :)

  • JohnnyDeppAddiction
    Dear Jack,

    Simply put this rules man. Spearmint Rhino was a joke? Dude! That was the most intense and passionate I have ever felt! I cried more after you left me that time than after my own father's funeral! The citizens were going for it more than me! I hope this insight answers your PS. I don't mind that you did it, I would've done it myself. Old man was getting a bit too comfortable.

    I'll follow you up on what you ask me if you can do the one thing. Love me. Nurture me. Don't mind being a bitch for you babyy.


    Kim-Jong AKA Big-Man/Dictator Slim
    A letter to Kim Jong Un
    A letter to Kim...
    A brief letter to Kim Jong Un from me, Jack Bauer, outlining some guidelines for his reign.
  • JohnnyDeppAddiction
    Hi there :)
    Firstly when I saw this at the top of the list I was certain that there was a reason for it being so, its good! I just want to give you some constructive criticism as they call it and sincerely hope that even if you don't take it on you will not take it in the wrong way!
    1) Parents- I feel you can maybe cut them out of the picture? They don't really add anything and maybe its better to leave Lexa as a bit of a mystery, cos I have the feeling that we are just bombarded with info about her that may be better left out.

    2) Editing- this story is obviously looking really popular, so if you fine tune it a bit and give it more of a polish in terms of the way it reads and spelling mistakes get corrected and things it'll give the audience a more smooth read.

    3) she feels too sorry for herself- simply put she really does! We all understand Lexa and the hardships that she's had to endure, but maybe you can have her implement a little more hope within herself instead of sob,sob,sob especially given the ending she definitely has the scope for some hope.

    4) Expand on Luca and Lexa's history a bit, because its just being put out there event after event.

    5) Expand on science fiction element. I think that this needs some working on, I appreciate that this is a short and to the point story, but with a bit of evolution on these points it'll make more sense and add more. We don't know how Luca is immortal, how he keeps finding her, how she keeps dying. I mean, these are all very creative, interesting ideas but you need to expand on it.

    Now for the good bits yay! Haha, I seriously do hope that you won't feel that I am just completely and utterly criticising you because I do like the story. I really appreciate the contrast of sorrow and joy, with this girl who just feels she has lost everything in life and then Luca comes into it and brings joy. When it appears he's going to die, we just lose the light again and then he comes to live as does she and we end on a renewed happy note, which is swell :)

    I like the development of her character that 1) contrasts with the mystery of Luca and 2) its very insightful and we come to see her as a real person, you've done a very good job in crafting her.

    So yeah, well done! Keep working at it, cos I can see a good contemporary novelist in you :) Where are you from and how old are you? x

    Before I Die
    Before I Die
    This is my entry for the 'love' competition for Valentine's Day. Lexa suffers with terminal cancer. She knows she hasn't got long to live. She has no one to live for anyway. She is left spell-bound...
    Jodie Angell
    6 years ago
    wow, i really appreciate your criticis, aha!
    And originally, i didn't plan to write much about her parents, but another person asked me to write some more about them! Editing has never been my strong point so i agree hehe! And the reason why she had no hope was because the ending would be more effective that way...hopefully :D! Hmm...I agree with what you are saying in point 5. I just didn't want to go overboard and lose focus on the main plot, but i do agree, that would have made it more interesting :D! I'm just so used to writing so in depth because i am writing a series of paranormal romance book at the moment hehe! so its hard to start writing short stories after so long of writing books, get me? I'm from the UK and i'm 16 in may :D xx
    Jodie Angell
    6 years ago
    if you want, read my movella Embrace - blurb, its the blurb to the first book in my series, which i am currently editing :D xx
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