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The Moan of Steel Part 2

by , Monday August 14, 2017

Up Up and away, err... Again


My Moan of Steel blog has gotten something Man of Steel has yet to get, a sequel.

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  • Mister Tea

    mumbled "The final countdown"

    2 weeks agoReply
    Happy New Year Goodbye

    No it's not word salad I'm just combining my happy new year mumble with my goodbye one as I take a break from movellas.

    Don't know how long this break will last, it could be a day, a week, a year. Forever. But however long it lasts, thanks it's been fun goodbye

    But before that happy new year to you all.

    Eileen Prince
    1 weeks ago
    Happy New Year!... And, for now, good bye...
  • Mister Tea

    mumbled "Countdown"

    1 months agoReply
    So I'm counting down the time I have left on movellas, December 31st will be my last day on here for a while at least.

    From January 1st until some unknown date I am taking a break to see if I miss it, as I currently log on most days but by the time I log off I don't feel I've achieved anything or particularly enjoyed it.

    The sad fact is if as I expect can go days weeks or even months without coming on I will come back at some point just to permanently delete my account.

    This is a sad day for me but realising that movellas has not meant as much to me as it used to I knew I needed to do something.
    Katie Pharoah
    1 months ago
    Just do what's best for you, I hope that you're time here has been worthwhile in some way and we'll miss you here on Movellas.
    I wish you luck in wherever your life takes you to next :)
    Mister Tea
    1 months ago
    Eileen you've been one of the movellians I've interacted with the most recently so I want to say thank you.

    Thanks Katie, I have to say I didn't mean for the mumble to come off sounding so negative it has been worthwhile being a member.

    Maybe a bit of time away will be what I need to rekindle what I felt when I joined, up until this past year or so when I started to enjoy it a lot less to now where it feels like I'm often just going through the motions.

    Anyway thanks to both of you for replying.
    Eileen Prince
    1 months ago
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    XD You're very welcome! And thank you, too @[Mister Tea] for... Well... Everything!
  • Mister Tea

    mumbled "Two Down, More to Go?"

    1 months agoReply
    So I just unpublished two of my stories, the Last Boy Scouts, my sequel to the 1990s action comedy and my NCIS fan fic.

    I am leaning towards doing the same to my Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Star Trek fan fictions. With the two I removed I think all interest in them has gone maybe permanently maybe not, all I do know is that when I go to my profile page I see them sitting there almost mocking me for not being able to carry on with them.

    With Buffy tVS and Star Trek Defender although I have updated them this year and I am forever using my phone to write new bits and have three almost complete new chapters for Defender I just don't feel the same about them anymore.

    Star Trek Defender in particular I have been going at it to long and still feel that I have yet to get it started properly.

    If I unpublish them it will leave me with just two An Avengers and Batman fan fics, the fate of them is hanging in the balance as well
  • Mister Tea

    mumbled "Nano no thanks"

    2 months agoReply
    Wishing every one who does enter the best of luck, but as with every year since I first heard of it I won't be entering nanowrimo. Nothing about it seems fun to me it just feels like nothing but pressure to hit a target.

    For those reasons I'm out.
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