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The Moan of Steel Part 2

by , Monday August 14, 2017

Up Up and away, err... Again


My Moan of Steel blog has gotten something Man of Steel has yet to get, a sequel.

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  • Mister Tea

    mumbled "Don't Know Why"

    18 hours agoReply
    Tried attaching a picture to that last mumble, but it wouldn't happen. I tried with two different pictures uploading them from my computer but they wouldn't appear.

    Anyone got an ideas why, was it me doing something wrong or is there some other reason.
  • Mister Tea

    mumbled "New Chapter"

    18 hours agoReply
    Oh go on if you're going to force me to get in on this shameless self promotion thing well here goes.

    I thought you, yes you, might like to know that I have just published chapter two of my Captain America story.

    This short chapter introduces a new and different from the MCU and comics origin for one James Barnes, aka James Buchanan Barnes aka Bucky.

    Mine is not Marvel Cinematic Universe inspired more like the old comics and one part of the mMMU, that's my Movellas Marvel Universe.

    Captain America
    Iron Man
    Ant-Man and The Wasp
    The Mighty Avengers
  • Mister Tea

    mumbled "Re mumble"

    1 months agoReply
    Yeah so I just checked and it's been three months since I posted a mumble about the state of the user blog section and sad to say having looked at it again just a few minutes ago it doesn't seem to have gotten any better.

    I know movellas staff are busy and have other duties to carry out but it just feels to me like they've given up even trying to clear it up to make it user friendly. I know I could be wrong about how hard they're trying to clear up, but I'm just saying how it looks to me from the outside.

    There are so many that are just ads for overseas escort/prostitution services that definitely need to be gotten rid of and a lot of other junk stuff that make it pointless even trying to post any new ones.

    I feel like I'm just going to have to echo the sentiment from my last mumble about it and that is that it's over, it's over and we lost and once again I say sadly I think if nothing has been done or nothing can be done to clean it up then it's time to close the user blogs permanently.
  • Mister Tea

    mumbled "Creatively Speaking"

    1 months agoReply
    It feels like I'm trapped in the middle when I decide I'm all set to get back to work on one of my published stories only for my brain to then decide, well actually I'm going to let ideas for one of your old stories that you stuck in drafts and haven't thought about in months creep back into your mind.

    So much so that you will ignore all your thoughts about your other stories and become so obsessed with the old one you're even thinking about republishing it and searching youtube for clips to use if I decide to make a trailer for it as well.

    I fear it's as if the two cats running around in giant wheels that control of the creative parts in my head are seemingly constantly at war with each other.
    Katie Pharoah
    1 months ago
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    Ah, the internal war that writers have, each project competing for individual space in our heads. I had this earlier when I wanted to totally uphaul an old story in the midst of hauling another old project from the drafting depths. But you will get through it. You never know, once you work on one project and put it to bed you may have time for your published stories :)
  • Mister Tea

    mumbled "I lost it and then I LOST it"

    2 months agoReply
    I just lost a lot of stuff I had written for a new chapter because my phone wouldn't save properly and then I really lost it and threw my phone across the room now the screen is cracked and the battery came out and is somehow a little bit bent out of shape.

    Now I'm really F***ING annoyed with myself for being so stupid for throwing the phone like that.
    FA Nathaniel Miller USN
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    writer's frustration: I have that all the time on the puter... lolololololol AND I am a former I.T Guy...

    Welcome to my world! lol ;-)
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